Al powered agent that checks all cryptocurrencies for you.Everyday.

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No more lucky finds

The first use-case of this technology is the platform, that analyses over 2000 cryptocurrencies every day, parsing an impressive amount of data and presenting it in a more accessible form.

Remember that one coin that was #1500 at CMC and then went to the moon? We do too.

With Estibits you will be able to filter potential winners early on.

Estibits does NOT offer financial advisory services. We only analyze the information around each project. Proceed with caution.

Human experts + AI

Experts in design and cryptocurrency technologies grade the coin potential first. Then AI comes in and analyses for similar patterns or growth and updates the score every single day!

Roadmap & Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper: Estibits2019.pdf

It outlines the vision around our existing working product and our plans on upgrading it and the underlying algorithms in the future.

We believe that a working product is a lot more important than powerpoint presentations. This is why Estibits is launching with it’s current feature set today. This is an early stage build of Estibits, but we have a lot of features we are working on and they will be added shortly.

The next items on our agenda are:

Showing prices
AI Upgrade
Estibits token
Estibits blog
More sources

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